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Get ready to drool over these 25 chucklesome Twitter threads on Rihanaa!


Get ready to drool over these 25 chucklesome Twitter threads on Rihanaa!

We all have to accept that Twitter can get too pessimistic at times. The endless trolls, cribbing, banters, heated arguments make this popular social media platform almost synonymous with the battle zone. Celebrities, layman –Twitter spares no one.

But out of the blue moon, someday Twitter gifts us with some of the most amazing threads that will bring a bright and wide smile on your face.

The Creator

Of late we came across some exceedingly jocular Twitter threads that will definitely leave you in splits. Deepraj, a Mumbai guy, of late came up with 25 atypical Twitter threads. Once you lay your eyes on them, we bet you cannot scroll on without going through each of them.

This lockdown is bringing out everyone’s passion for food. We guess Deepraj too was craving for some delicacies and bang! He came up with this unique juxtaposition idea. Hold your breath, my dear friends, as you will get to know soon what Deepraj has done. He has compared Rihanna’s extravagant outfits with some of the most sumptuous food items. Don’t believe us? Have a look!

Chicken tandoori

Om-nom-nom! Delicious chicken tandoori matching Rihanna’s fiery outfit.

Kaju Katli

Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye?


Anyone up for a cup of smoking hot masala chai?

Yummy Pulav

Rihanna is giving us #fashiongoals and at the same time, we cannot look away from that bowl full of yummy Pulav.

Rainbow Gola

Definitely, her rainbow-colored outfit mixed with white hues reminds us of ou childhood favorite ice Gola.


Pink is love, isn’t it!

Chiken Biriyani

If “All I want is Chicken Biriyani” had a face!

Rooh Afza

Rihanna’s lusty red outfit is satiating our thirsty soul as much as this bottle full of chilled Rooh Afza.


Rihanna has got some real obsessions with the color pink. So are we, with our very own rose kulfi!

Kala Gulab Jamun

Kala Jamun never seemed so tempting before.

Vada Pav

Put your hands up all my Mumbai-kars!


Rihanna can give Katrina a run for her money. If you know what we mean

Dahi Puri

Not done Deepraj! We are already drooling…

Banarsi Mitha Paan

Want to break into jig with “Khai ke pan Banaraswala”


Feeling hungry already! But we are damn sure Rihanna did not take two minutes to get ready 😛

Khaman Dhokla

All those Gujjus in the house, this one is for you!

Kaccha Keri

Who is more drool-worthy? Rihanna or that plate full of spiced up raw mangoes!


Our very own “Jalebi Bai!”


What would you choose – Solkadhi or Rihanna’s dolled up attire?

Hot Samosa

Spicy and crispy like Samosa, Rihanna’s outfits are always on fire.


A bright smile on the face of khandvi lovers 🙂


A relief to our aching and tired eyes – soothing Taste!


Dash of white and sweetness, just like kheer.


Surely my diabetes level has soared up after looking at this picture full of sweetness.

Besan Ka Laddoo

Now the biggest question is – whom to watch at Ravishing Rihanna or these platefuls of delicacies.

So how many of you know Rihanna? Yes! Rihanna! The scintillating, sensuous, epitome of glamour – one and only Rihanna. Deepraj has shared some hilarious Twitter threads about this 32-year-old, singing sensation, glam quotient Rihanna. Her name is enough to make the post go viral. But Deepraj’s highly imaginative mind served as the cherry on the cake. Twitterati is going nuts, all thanks to these hell-bent funny Twitter threads. So without much ado, let’s jump to the main part where we get to see all those rib-tickling Tweets.



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